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What exactly is On The Radio.Net?

On The Radio.Net:    On The Radio.Net was created to help people find phone numbers and websites for commercials they heard on the radio.  Maybe you heard a great commercial for a new product.  You were excited about it but forgot the name of the advertiser or the name of the product.  You did, however, know the category the product fell in because it was something you were interested in.  Previously, there was no way you would be able to contact the advertiser about the product.  Now everything is different.  With the launch of On The Radio.Net it is now very easy to find any commercial you heard on the radio. 

This could arguably be the biggest thing to happen in radio advertising since the advent of the radio itself.  Keeping this information in one central location is the key.  Name recognition is what makes On The Radio.Net so successful.  It's so easy to remember.... Where did you hear it? On The Radio.   Where are you looking for it?  On The Internet... On The Radio.Net.  Having a commercial registered and available at On The Radio.Net is very very beneficial to the advertiser and is an added selling point for radio stations. 

From this centralized database it was only natural for more information to be available.  This lead to being able to search for radio stations by genre and by location.  Currently there is no other place to search for this type of information all across the entire United States.  This great powerful new tool can be used by anyone.  It is especially useful to people who relocate to a new area or if your favorite radio station changes formats.  Finding a radio station you can also be very useful to people going on vacation.  Advertisers can also use the radio station search to find new stations to advertise on.  If an advertiser has a product that is targeted to a certain audience, they can find all the radio stations across the country that cater to the audience that the advertiser is looking for.

One of the other great, and interesting, features of On The Radio.Net is that we do not accept any paid advertisers.  This keeps our site very clean and user friendly.  There is no clutter of ads anywhere on our site, only the information you are looking for.  The only way to have your company advertised at On The Radio.Net is to have your commercials registered by the radio station that airs them.  Another interesting feature is that anytime a user performs a search (either for a commercial OR a radio station), the user is shown four local radio station banner advertisements.  These banner ads are 125x125 boxes and are also only shown by registering your radio station.


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