Radio Stations in the Wheeling WV Metro area.

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ID   Frequency Station Name City, State Phone Formats Website
WVBC   88.1 FM Bethany College Bethany, WV Phone College, Radio
WBJV   88.9 FM Steubenville, OH Religious, Radio
WOUC   89.1 FM Ohio University Cambridge, OH Phone Public Radio, Radio Website
WVNP   89.9 FM Wheeling, WV Phone Public Radio, Radio Website
WGLZ   91.5 FM West Liberty State College West Liberty, WV Phone Variety, Radio
WNJR   91.7 FM Washington and Jefferson College Washington, PA College, Radio Website
WPHP   91.9 FM Wheeling Park High School Wheeling, WV Phone Grade School (K-12), Radio
WBIK   92.1 FM Pleasant City, OH Nostalgia, Radio
WXCR   92.3 FM New Martinsville, WV Classic Rock, Radio Website
WBNV   93.5 FM Soft Hits 93BNV Barnesville, OH Phone Adult Contemporary, Radio Website
WVJW   94.1 FM Benwood, WV Classic Hits, Radio Website
WJPA   95.3 FM WJPA 95.3 FM - Oldies with an Attitude Washington, PA Phone Oldies, Radio Website
WVKF   95.7 FM Kiss FM 95.7 - Make the Flip - Wheeling's New 95.7 Shadyside, OH Top-40, Radio Website
WRKP   96.5 FM Moundsville, WV Phone Christian Contemporary, Radio Website
WCMJ   96.7 FM 96FM WCMJ Todays Best Music Cambridge, OH Phone Top-40, Radio Website
WKWK   97.3 FM Wheeling, WV Phone Hot AC, Radio Website
WILE   97.7 FM Great Memories WILE 97.7 FM Byesville, OH Phone Oldies, Radio Website
WOVK   98.7 FM Wheeling, WV Phone Country, Radio Website
WYMJ   99.5 FM New Martinsville, WV Hot AC, Radio Website
WOMP   100.5 FM 100.5 WOMP FM - #1 For Today's Best Music Bellaire, OH Phone Top-40, Radio Website
WOGH   103.5 FM Froggy Country 103.5 FM WOGH Burgettstown, PA Phone Country, Radio Website
WETZ   103.9 FM New Martinsville, WV Phone Country, Radio Website
WUKL   105.5 FM Bethlehem, WV Oldies, Radio
WCDK   106.3 FM Cadiz, OH Phone Classic Hits, Radio
WEGW   107.5 FM Wheeling, WV Phone Rock, Radio Website
WDIG   950 AM Steubenville, OH Phone Urban Contemporary, Radio
WWVA   1170 AM Wheeling, WV Phone News/Talk, Radio Website
WILE   1270 AM News Station AM 1270 - News when you want it Cambridge, OH Phone Adult Contemporary, Radio Website
WOMP   1290 AM 1290 WOMP Talk Radio Bellaire, OH Phone Talk, Radio Website
WETZ   1330 AM New Martinsville, WV Phone Talk, Radio
WSTV   1340 AM Steubenville, OH Phone News/Talk, Radio Website
WVLY   1370 AM Moundsville, WV Phone Sports, Radio
WBBD   1400 AM Wheeling, WV Phone Nostalgia, Radio
WEIR   1430 AM Weirton, WV Phone Nostalgia, Radio
WJPA   1450 AM WJPA AM 1450 - Oldies with an Attitude Washington, PA Phone Oldies, Radio Website
WKKX   1600 AM Wheeling, WV Phone Business News, Radio

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