Radio Stations in the Watertown NY Metro area.

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ID   Frequency Station Name City, State Phone Formats Website
WSLJ   88.9 FM St. Lawrence University Watertown, NY Phone Public Radio, Radio Website
WSLU   89.5 FM St. Lawrence University Canton, NY Phone Public Radio, Radio Website
WWJS   90.1 FM Watertown, NY Phone Christian Contemporary, Radio
WAIH   90.3 FM The Way Potsdam, NY Phone Variety, Radio Website
WJNY   90.9 FM Central New Yorks Own-Classical, Public Television Watertown, NY Phone Classical, Radio Website
WTSC   91.1 FM Clarkson University Potsdam, NY College, Radio Website
WRVJ   91.7 FM State University of New York Watertown, NY Phone Public Radio, Radio Website
WBDB   92.7 FM Ogdensburg, NY Top-40, Radio Website
WCIZ   93.3 FM Norther NY Best Choice for Classic Hits Watertown, NY Phone Classic Hits, Radio Website
WMHI   94.7 FM Mars Hill Network - Christian Radio Cape Vincent, NY Phone Religious, Radio Website
WGIX   95.3 FM Gouverneur, NY Phone Oldies, Radio
WVLF   96.1 FM The Valley 96.1 - Todays Hits Yesterdays Favorites Norwood, NY Phone Adult Contemporary, Radio Website
WYSX   96.7 FM YES FM - The 15-in-a-Row Hit Music Station Morristown, NY Phone Top-40, Radio Website
WFRY   97.5 FM The Best and Most Country - Froggy 97 Watertown, NY Phone Country, Radio Website
WPAC   98.7 FM Ogdensburg, NY Phone Oldies, Radio
WLLG   99.3 FM The Moose - Your Hometown Radio Station Lowville, NY Phone Country, Radio Website
WSNN   99.3 FM Potsdam, NY Phone Top-40, Radio
WOTT   100.7 FM Henderson, NY Phone Rock, Radio
WRCD   101.5 FM 101.5 The FOX - Classic Hits Canton, NY Phone Classic Rock, Radio Website
WSCP   101.7 FM Pulaski, NY Phone Country, Radio
WBDR   102.7 FM Cape Vincent, NY Phone Country, Radio
WNCQ   102.9 FM Q Country 102.9 FM Canton, NY Phone Country, Radio Website
WTOJ   103.1 FM Magic 103-Playing Todays Hits Yesterdays Favorites Carthage, NY Phone Adult Contemporary, Radio Website
WBDI   106.7 FM The Border Copenhagen, NY Phone Top-40, Radio Website
WTNY   790 AM The News and Weather Station Watertown, NY Phone Talk, Radio Website
WYBG   1050 AM Massena, NY Phone Talk, Radio
WSCP   1070 AM Sandy Creek-Pulaski, NY Phone Country, Radio
WATN   1240 AM News and Talk Authority Watertown, NY Phone News/Talk, Radio Website
WMSA   1340 AM WSMA Radio 1340 Massena, NY Phone Nostalgia, Radio Website
WSLB   1400 AM Ogdensburg, NY Phone Talk, Radio
WNER   1410 AM ESPN Radio - Sports Radio Watertown, NY Phone Sports, Radio Website
WPDM   1470 AM Potsdam, NY Phone Adult Contemporary, Radio

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