Radio Stations in the Waco TX Metro area.

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ID   Frequency Station Name City, State Phone Formats Website
KBDE   89.9 FM Today's Christian Radio Temple, TX Religious, Radio Website
KTFW   92.1 FM Country Gold Radio Glen Rose, TX Phone Country, Radio Website
KLRK   92.9 FM Marlin, TX Phone Adult Contemporary, Radio
KSTV   93.1 FM The Mighty 93 - Country Dublin, TX Country, Radio Website
KBCT   94.5 FM Waco, TX Phone Country, Radio
KBGO   95.7 FM Oldies 95 - The Oldies Station Waco, TX Oldies, Radio Website
KWRA   96.7 FM Waco, TX Spanish, Radio
KWTX   97.5 FM 975 FM - Today's Hit Music Waco, TX Phone Top-40, Radio Website
KCUB   98.3 FM Unique blend of Traditional Country & Texas Music Stephenville, TX Phone Americana/Roots, Radio Website
WACO   99.9 FM Texas #1 Country WACO 100 FM Waco, TX Phone Country, Radio Website
KTRL   100.7 FM Stephenville, TX
KXZY   100.7 FM Waco, TX
KBRQ   102.5 FM 1025 The Bear - Waco's Rock Station Hillsboro, TX Phone Rock, Radio Website
KWBU   103.3 FM Baylor University Waco, TX Phone Public Radio, Radio Website
KWOW   104.1 FM LA LEY 104.1 "PORQUE ES LA LEY" Clifton, TX Phone Spanish, Top-40 Website
KYCX   104.9 FM The X 1049 FM Mexia, TX Phone Country, Radio Website
KDOS   107.9 FM Robinson, TX Spanish, Radio
KBBW   1010 AM 1010 KBW - The Spirit of Texas Waco-Marlin, TX Phone Religious, Radio Website
KWTX   1230 AM News Talk 1230 Waco, TX Phone News/Talk, Radio Website
KSTV   1510 AM Stephenville, TX Phone Spanish, Radio Website
KHBR   1560 AM Hillsboro, TX Phone Country, Radio
KRZX   1580 AM Waco, TX Phone Talk, Radio
KRQX   1590 AM Mexia, TX Phone Country, Radio
KRZI   1660 AM Waco, TX Phone Talk, Radio

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