Radio Stations in the Sarasota FL Metro area.

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ID   Frequency Station Name City, State Phone Formats Website
WJIS   88.1 FM The Joy FM - Your Choice for the Family Bradenton, FL Phone Christian Contemporary, Radio Website
WSMR   89.1 FM Northwestern College Sarasota, FL Phone Christian Contemporary, Radio Website
WBCG   98.9 FM Murdock, FL Adult Contemporary, Radio
WHPT   102.5 FM 102.5 The Point Sarasota, FL Phone Classic Rock, Radio Website
WKZM   104.3 FM Sarasota, FL Phone Religious, Radio Website
WZSP   105.3 FM Nocatee, FL Phone Spanish, Radio
WTZB   105.9 FM 1059 The Buzz - Today's New Rock Alternative Englewood, FL Alternative, Radio Website
WCTQ   106.5 FM 1065 CTQ - Country Music Sarasota, FL Phone Country, Radio Website
WSRZ   107.9 FM Oldies 108 Coral Cove, FL Phone Oldies, Radio Website
WLSS   930 AM Sarasota, FL News/Talk, Radio
WIBQ   1220 AM AM 1220 - Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise Sarasota, FL News/Talk, Radio Website
WTMY   1280 AM Moneytalk & Healthtalk Radio Sarasota, FL Phone Talk, Radio Website
WAMR   1320 AM The Whammer - ESPN & FOX Sports Venice, FL Phone Sports, Radio Website
WBRD   1420 AM Palmetto, FL Phone Gospel Music, Radio
WSRQ   1450 AM News Radio for Sarasota and Bradenton Florida Sarasota, FL News/Talk, Radio Website
WWPR   1490 AM Bradenton, FL Phone Oldies, Radio
WENG   1530 AM News Talk 1530 - The Information Station Englewood, FL Phone News/Talk, Radio Website

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