Radio Stations in the Altoona PA Metro area.

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ID   Frequency Station Name City, State Phone Formats Website
WRXV   89.1 FM WRXV 89.1 FM Real Music RevFM State College, PA Christian Contemporary, Radio Website
WKVR   92.3 FM Juniata College Huntingdon, PA Phone College, Radio Website
WJSM   92.7 FM Christian Radio FM 92.7 Martinsburg, PA Phone Religious, Radio Website
WQYX   93.1 FM Clearfield, PA Phone Top-40, Radio
WHPA   93.5 FM Barnesboro, PA Phone Alternative, Radio
WKBI   93.9 FM Saint Marys, PA Phone Top-40, Radio
WBRX   94.3 FM Q94 Classic Rock FM Patton, PA Phone Classic Rock, Radio Website
WBXQ   94.7 FM Q94 FM Classic Rock Cresson, PA Phone Classic Rock, Radio Website
WFGY   98.1 FM Froggy Country 98.1 FM WFGY Altoona, PA Phone Country, Radio Website
WPRR   100.1 FM Power 100.1 FM - All Hit Music Altoona, PA Phone Top-40, Radio Website
WJNG   100.5 FM Johnsonburg, PA Phone Classic Rock, Radio
WOWQ   102.1 FM Q102 - The MidState's Hottest Country Du Bois, PA Country, Radio Website
WOKW   102.9 FM OK 102-9 FM Curwensville, PA Phone Adult Contemporary, Radio Website
WYTR   103.3 FM Brookville, PA Phone Oldies, Radio
WLAK   103.5 FM MERF Radio 103.5 FM Merf Means Variety Huntingdon, PA Phone Hot AC, Radio Website
WALY   103.9 FM WALY 103.9 FM Bellwood, PA Phone Oldies, Radio Website
WPXZ   104.1 FM Punxsutawney, PA Phone Top-40, Radio
WRKY   104.9 FM Rocky 104.9 FM - Rock that REALLY Rocks Hollidaysburg, PA Rock, Radio Website
WMKX   105.5 FM Brookville, PA Phone Classic Rock, Radio
WDSN   106.5 FM WDSN Sunny 106.5 FM Reynoldsville, PA Phone Adult Contemporary, Radio Website
WDBA   107.3 FM WDBA 107.3 FM - The Christian Station Du Bois, PA Phone Religious, Radio Website
WMES   107.7 FM WMES Catholic Radio 107.7LP - The Messenger Altoona, PA Religious, Radio Website
WCPA   900 AM Clearfield, PA Phone News/Talk, Radio
WJSM   1110 AM Christian Radio AM 1110 Martinsburg, PA Phone Religious, Radio Website
WHUN   1150 AM Huntingdon, PA Phone Country, Radio
WRTA   1240 AM WRTA News Talk AM 1240 Altoona, PA Phone News/Talk, Radio Website
WFBG   1290 AM BIG 1290 News Talk WBFG Altoona, PA Phone Nostalgia, Radio Website
WTRN   1340 AM Tyrone, PA Phone Nostalgia, Radio
WKMC   1370 AM The Music of Your Life - Adult Pop Standards Roaring Spring, PA Phone Nostalgia, Radio Website
WWGE   1400 AM The EDGE - Talk ON Game ON News Talk Sports 1400 Loretto, PA Talk, Radio Website
WCED   1420 AM Du Bois, PA Phone Oldies, Radio
WVAM   1430 AM ESPN Sports Radio 1430 AM Altoona, PA Phone Sports, Radio Website
WECZ   1540 AM Punxsutawney, PA Phone Nostalgia, Radio

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