Radio Stations in the Akron OH Metro area.

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ID   Frequency Station Name City, State Phone Formats Website
WZIP   88.1 FM University of Akron Akron, OH Phone Top-40, Radio Website
WRDL   88.9 FM Ashland, OH Phone Rock, Radio
WSTB   88.9 FM Streetsboro High School Streetsboro, OH Phone Alternative, Radio Website
WKRW   89.3 FM Kent State University Wooster, OH Phone Public Radio, Radio Website
WKSU   89.7 FM Kent State Universtiy Kent, OH Phone Public Radio, Radio Website
WCWS   90.9 FM College of Wooster Wooster, OH Phone College, Radio Website
WAPS   91.3 FM Akron Schools Akron, OH Phone Adult Album Alternative, Radio Website
WQMX   94.9 FM FM 94.9 WQMX - Akron's OWN Country Medina, OH Phone Country, Radio Website
WLRD   96.9 FM Willard, OH Phone Gospel Music, Radio
WONE   97.5 FM WONE 97.5 FM - The Home of Rock & Roll Akron, OH Phone Classic Rock, Radio Website
WNIR   100.1 FM WNIR 100 FM - The Talk of Akron Kent, OH Phone Talk, Radio Website
WSWR   100.1 FM WSWR Good Times Great Oldies - Cruisin' 100.1 FM Shelby, OH Phone Oldies, Radio Website
WNCO   101.3 FM WNCO FM 101.3 - Mid Ohio's Country Ashland, OH Phone Country, Radio Website
WQKT   104.5 FM 104.5 FM - WQKT - Sports Country Wooster, OH Phone Country, Radio Website
WHLO   640 AM Akron's News Talk 640 WHLO Akron, OH Phone News/Talk, Radio Website
WKVX   960 AM Wooster, OH Phone Oldies, Radio
WCUE   1150 AM Family Radio - Christian Gospel Cuyahoga Falls, OH Phone Religious, Radio Website
WNCO   1340 AM WNCO 1340 AM - Timeless Classics Ashland, OH Phone Nostalgia, Radio Website
WTOU   1350 AM Fox Sports 1350 WTOU AM - All Sports All the Time Akron, OH Phone Sports, Radio Website
WJMP   1520 AM Kent, OH Phone Nostalgia, Radio
WAKR   1590 AM 1590 WAKR Akrons News Authority Akron, OH Phone Talk, Radio Website

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