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Find a Commercial: If you’ve ever heard an interesting commercial on the radio but, for one reason or another, couldn’t remember the advertiser’s phone number or website address, then spent the next three days listening to the same radio station in the hopes of hearing the commercial again, you know how frustrating that can be. On The Radio.Net helps you quickly find the phone number or website for any commercial you’re looking for. Click Commercials to begin your search.

Radio Stations

Find a Radio Station: Click Radio Stations to browse all of the commercial and noncommercial radio stations in your area, read descriptions of each station’s format/genre, and find phone numbers and/or website address links for your all favorite radio stations.

Online radio

The Best in Online Radio: Over 3,200 local and internet radio stations broadcasting online! Including 90 commercial free, DJ Free stations; playing only the music you want to hear! In addition to music stations you will also find The Sporting News as well as the BBC News.


Find Songs: A new feature coming soon to On The Radio.Net - a comprehensive song search! For those who have heard a song on the radio but don’t know or recall the title or artist, this section will list playlists for your favorite radio stations.

How it Works

How it Works: Are you an advertiser looking for new, effective ways to deliver messages to your target audience? Or perhaps a program director wondering how your radio station can better promote itself and, in turn, reach a broader audience? Do you wonder what happens when a radio commercial does not list a phone number or website? Maybe you’re just interested in more information? Click How it Works to learn more about OnTheRadio.Net and the benefits it confers to advertisers, radio stations, and listeners.

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Log In: Advertisers and radio stations can click here to login or register. Registration is free and allows your radio station to be listed in the On The Radio.Net directory. Registering ensures that the phone number, website and other information for your radio station remains correct. After logging in, it's easy and simple to add a new commercial and upload playlist information.

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