How Finding Radio Stations Works!

Did your favorite radio station change formats? 

Are you planning a vacation?

Did you just move into a new neighborhood?

Do you sell a specific product and would like to advertise only on certain stations?  Does your product sell better when targeted to certain audiences?

Are you a Radio Station wondering what are the benefits of being registered at On The Radio.Net?


Finding a Radio Station:   It's easy!!! Simply enter the zip code where you listen to the radio and select the type of music you like to listen to.  You will then be presented with a list of radio stations within a 40 mile radius that match the criteria you entered(On The Radio.Net is currently working to expand the 40 mile radius to be greater for AM stations).   It is also possible to list every radio station in your area by selecting "All Genres" instead of a specific one.  You will be shown the Metro Area, Station Name, Call Letters, Frequency, Phone Number, Website and up to four genres for each radio station.   You can click on the Station Name and a separate window will open up with a full description of the station, including advertising contact information.  The website column is also a direct link to the radio stations website.

For Advertisers:  It is possible to list all the stations that have a specific format.  This may be very useful if your product is targeted to a specific audience.  Finding the stations you are looking for is also very easy!!!  Simply select the genre you would like to target.  Then every radio station across the country that meets the format you requested will be listed.  Simply click on the Station Name for a full description of the station and advertising contact information.

For Radio Stations:  Why register?  Having your radio station listed at On The Radio.Net is completely free!!!  Free advertising is hard to beat.  What would happen if a listener came here looking for a new station and yours was not listed?  That listener would probably be lost to a competitor.  Here's another great benefit - Every time someone does a search for a Radio Station OR a Commercial there are four boxes that display the image/logo of stations within the metro area the user has selected.  These images/logos are direct links to the Radio Station's webpage.  This advertising is also free!!!


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