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This is where you can create your own "On The Radio" sponsor page.

Each advertiser is only allowed one design, however, you may change your design as often as you like.

The image/logo size on the left is 125px wide and can be up to 500px high.  If it is shorter then 500px high it will simply repeat, if taller than 500px high, the image may not fully display on all pages.  Please limit images to 20k in size, the smaller the better!!! 

Here is a link to NetMechanic's FREE Gifbot tool!!! You can upload or link to your images and NetMechanic will optimize them for you completely free.

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If you have an image and would like us to resize it for you please email it to      If no specs are provided we will resize the image to be 125px wide.

Please enter color values in hex.  Example: for white enter FFFFF for black enter 000000.  If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will find a table of colors.  Clicking on any color will populate the box at the top of the Color Table with the Hex value for the color you clicked on.  You can copy and paste this Hex value where ever you like.

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