How Site Sponsorship Works!

Did you ever wonder how On The Radio.Net can benefit advertisers?

Do you have a commercial that airs on the radio but does not list your phone number or website and want to know how On The Radio.Net can benefit you?


Every time you visit On The Radio.Net it's possible for a different sponsor to be loaded from our database.  Sponsors can be advertisers who have commercials playing on the radio, but the phone number or website of the company is not listed in that particular ad.  The selected logo and color scheme will stay with each user for the duration of their visit at On The Radio.Net   We call this Site Sponsorship.  The best part about Site Sponsorship is that it is completely free!!!  When an advertiser signs up at On The Radio.Net they list all their commercials.  Each advertiser is then marked with a special designation and considered for Site Sponsorship.  When a radio station lists a commercial that has this special designation, On The Radio.Net adds this advertiser to our list of Site Sponsors.  Site Sponsors are broken down into three tiers.  The more times a commercial with or without a phone number or website is registered to play (by a radio station), the higher tier level the advertiser will be in.  After every advertiser is displayed once, the advertisers in the top two tiers are displayed again.  After the top two tiers have been displayed again, the top tier advertisers are displayed an additional time.  The process then starts all over again.

We have created a special section where you can create your own site sponsorship page!!!  This section is for everyone to play with, but you will not be able to save any of the work that you do.  If you are an advertiser and would like to save your sponsorship information simply log in and follow the link to Site Sponsorship from your Advertiser's Menu.


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